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  • Body rental

    For customers who prefer not to directly develop with the employed staff its own Informatic System photo and/or its software projects, EXSTO Company offers available Technical staff (consultants, project managers, developers), in order to work at the headquarters of the Customers for activities of project management, analysis, development, testing and maintenance for predefined periods of time.

    This solution conducts to a sensitive saving of costs for the customer who, unable to have a relationship of dependency with the Body rental staff, enjoys exclusively "the fruits of job" without loading the fixed costs.

    The cases when a Client resorts to this type of service are multiple:

    • the absence of an IT department with specialized technical staff;
    • the absence of a well-trained IT responsible, able to assure a good development of the projects, in terms of time and new technologies;
    • the necessity of solving highly technical problems that demand urgent interventions although not in a permanent manner;
    • the development of software components in Outsourcing and their integration into the Informatic System of the Company;
    • the development of projects that need a permanent and professional re-qualification of the employed staff.
  • Outsourcing

    The IT Outsourcing is the process in which a company uses external suppliers to develop one or more software projects.


    Today, many companies are interested in modalities of IT Outsourcing. Through its staff, EXSTO Company is capable to offer partial or total outsourcing.

    The advantages deriving from the externalization of IT projects are numerous:

    • focalization only on the business core;
    • reduction of the Total Cost of the Ownership through the reduction and the rationalization of the infrastructural investments and the costs of IT staff;
    • predetermination of the level of services and costs of IT solutions;
    • availability of a staff with highly technical competences, with a significant increment of the work efficiency and products quality;
    • constant technological modernization;
    • increasing the security of the Informatic System.