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Methodology   methodology

photoThe success of a complete IT project is dependant especially upon the selection of solutions. These solutions are related to the surrounding reality and, implicitly, to the Client requirements.

Having a close collaboration with the Client we are able to anticipate his desires. Therefore, it is essential that we research into our Client before beginning any project.

The solutions given by our Company are always objective, practical, flexible and customized depending upon an ideal life cycle of an IT project.

  • Analysis

    The goals of the analysis are:

    • communication with the Partner/ Client in different ways (questionnaires, conferences, etc.) for obtaining the necessary information about project requirements, new ideas and expectations;
    • understanding the expressed and unexpressed exigencies of the Client;
    • analyzing the initial situation and deciding the technical requirements;
    • elaboration of the initial project and estimation of the necessary effort;
    • choosing the team-work.
  • Design

    Practical design custom for the Client is the result of defining all the project components in a detailed configuration. Client participation is encouraged.

    This stage implies:

    • choosing the design methodology;
    • defining technical background and selection of the development, testing and monitoring tools;
    • allocating the team-work on areas of responsibility;
    • specifying the project timelines and its costs.
  • Development

    The project is constructed from outlines to final client distributed product. We present the project to the client for final analysis before final testing.

  • Testing

    The scope of testing is to verify the correct function of all the components and parts of the product. This procedure implies:

    • establishing testing methods and defining test cases;
    • eliminating bugs or technical problems by using the testing tools previously established.

    At this point the project is complete.

  • Maintenance

    Maintenance is necessary especially for products that need regular updating and technical support. At this time, we also make those slight modifications and changes as a result of further requests.