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About us   about

The source of EXSTO derives from the Latin "exsto-are" that means "to arise, to exist", pointing in this manner the idea of durability.

The EXSTO Company was born as a result of an older dream had by its founder member in order to offer professional IT services and consulting. Regarding the rapid evolution of IT technologies read more

Services   services

For customers who prefer not to directly develop with the employed staff its own Informatic System and/or its software projects, EXSTO Company offers available Technical staff read more

The IT Outsourcing is the process in which a company uses external suppliers to develop one or more software projects read more

Technologies   technologies

For responding to our Clients requests, we are specialized in different technologies and applications: from desktop and client/server programs to web applications.

Here are some of the fundamental technologies used by our company read more

Methodology   methodology

The success of a complete IT project is dependant especially upon the selection of solutions. These solutions are related to the surrounding reality and, implicitly, to the Client requirements.

Having a close collaboration with the Client we are able to anticipate his desires read more