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"Exsto memoria huius rei" - "The memory of this thing lasts forever"

The source of EXSTO derives from the Latin "exsto-are" that means "to arise, to exist", pointing in this manner the idea of durability.

The EXSTO Company was born as a result of an older dream had by its founder member in order to offer professional IT services and consulting.


Regarding the rapid evolution of IT technologies, we consider our flexibility, our open-minded reasoning and capacity of working in mixed teams, fundamental attributes for EXSTO Company to give highly quality software solutions, to be a dependable partner internally as well as internationally.

The company founder as well as its employees and collaborators enjoys an experience of more than five years in IT area. Most of them experienced international activities materialized in many colaborations with very important companies such as : IBM, Motorola etc. Besides that, we may say about the company staff that is specialized in the newest IT technologies and different areas (e-banking, e-learning, e-health, e-commerce, e-government).

Our professionalism, flexibility and volume of IT know-how systematized through many years of experience, represent capacities expressed by an eloquent increasing of the Client`s satisfaction. All these references are strong attributes that make EXSTO Company a reliable and solid partner for our Clients.